Hi, my name
is Ola Laurin.

I'm a freelance creator living in Gothenburg Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years I've taken on many roles; sometimes as a designer, other times as a developer and occasionally as a consultant.

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Early on I had a strong passion for computers and drawing. Being self-taught and self-employed I never made a choice on what road to embark. Instead I enjoy the creative span from designing a wallpaper to programming a game. I like tinkering with ideas that combine both fields.

In the end, it's about stories

I have a strong passion to bring ideas to fruition. Ideas that combine different techniques to convey stories and experiences. The last couple of years I've been involved in a wide range of projects, working with different clients in various branches and sizes. Spanning from fashion brands to architects and law firms as clients of my former company Next Century Modern but also with big brands via agencies.

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